Friday, February 18, 2011

Its the Second Most Wonderful Time of The Year!!!

The First would be NaNoWriMo Time, Second is Script Frenzy Time, and Third is well Christmas.

Today's post is about the middle --- Script Frenzy. =) Not as good as NaNo, but still pretty good. It is run by the same people who do NaNoWriMo (Office of Letters and Light). The Website is For those who don't know what Script Frenzy is I'll give you a little info.

What? Script Frenzy!
Who? You!
When? The Month of April
Where? On your computer
Why? To become a better writer of course!

Like I said it starts April 1st (No I am not joking =)) and goes til the 30th. The Challenge is to write 100 pages of script whether it be for a play, opera, movie, TV show, comic, ect. in the month of April.

I tried to do it last year, but my poor, poor laptop died a slow painful death. Now as you can see by the colorful print on your screen that I have a new laptop (thanks Dad!) and I am completely ready to take on Script FRENZY!!! Muhahahahahaaaa! Now I just have to think up a few ideas.

1. Movie script of the Night Stalker (388 pages baby!)
2. Doctor Who Script
3. A movie/ play featuring D.C. (where I am going on a school trip in less then a month) Yay!
4. ..... idk

I'm throwing the gauntlet down. I challenge you to SCRIPT FRENZY!

Come on. Join the Frenzy.

Both images owned by Script Frenzy... I think. =)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Its Valentine's Day! And Poem I wrote for it.

If you are like me and aren't into all that boyfriend girlfriend crap just yet, then you really don't care about today. And being the artsy-fartsy girl I am, I wrote a slightly good poem dishonoring the day. I mean no offense to St. Valentine or anyone else, but I really wanted to put it up.

Its Valentine's Day
Smoochy, Smoochy
Its just a day 
Get over it. 

Beautiful, I know, right? Anyways have a good day and to see more of my artsy-fartsy stuff go to the LINK!