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Who is this "snowfire" girl?


I've had this blog for quite a while, and most of my readers already know me. I thought I would create the notorious "About Me" page anyway.

Let me see... I live in the Midwest in the middle of nowhere, and that's as specific as I'm probably going to get. My name is Emily and I am a writer (If you can't tell from the blog title).

I like to describe myself with the three P's- Perfectionist, Procrastinator, and Planner. They don't mesh very well together. This is how I work. Give me a job and a deadline, and it will be done and perfect to the T. Don't give me a deadline and I will put it off until the last possible date. I'll still get it done, and it will still be close to perfect, but I will be stressed beyond belief.

When I'm not writing, I'm probably watching something British, being the Whovian, Torchwoodite, and Sherlockian that I am. Doctor Who for the Win! I also make videos on Youtube, where I am trying to be an active Nerdfighter. DFTBA! One of my other hobbies is using photoshop to edit photos and make graphic designs. In the little free time I have, I play guitar, clarinet, piano, and I'm learning how to play the violin. It is extremely challenging, and I am terrible at it. For now. When I'm not writing novels, essays, poems, or short stories, I am writing music. Composing is a new pastime for me, and my music teacher says that I could be very good and possibly make a career out of writing music if I wanted to. I also draw, paint, and photograph object, although I'm starting to get comfortable photographing people.

Besides being artsy-fartsy, I am a hardcore athlete... Kind of. I play three sports volleyball/cross country, track/tennis, and softball.  I'm not sure if I want to do volleyball and track again. I really enjoy running, weightlifting, yoga, pilates, Martial Arts, and swimming. I wanted to be a competative swimmer when I was younger. Actually, I still would like to be a competitive swimmer. In the summer, I teach myself Bo staff. I also really love rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and tubing (Behind a boat, not lazily down a river). I really want to learn how to surf, but I have to get over my fear of the ocean, sharks, and jellyfish. In college, I would really like to join a Crossfit gym.

Luckily for me, school has always been pretty easy. I love math, science, history, and English. I hope that some day I can become an astrophysicist, cognitive scientist, computer programmer (Or hacker for the government... Something legal), bioengineer, historian/anthropologist, freelance journalist/writer, composer, animator, or movie director. Or maybe I can be them all. I have a feeling that I will be returning to college many times. My dream, however, is to travel the world and write while living out of my backpack. Why stay here when there's so much more out there?

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Also, I am looking for a cheap, functional typewriter. I can pay in virtual kittens. 

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