Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Completely Unabashed Egotistical Promo

I'm not one to brag. For some reason, I always end up feeling guilty and disgusted with myself. This, of course, makes me about the worst self promoter ever.

Every once in a while posts like this one will come up because of my lack of self promotion. Might as well rip it off like a bandaid.

First things first. If you are a lover of everything healthy and fitness-y, check out my totally rad 100% nerdtastic FITNESS BLOG!! Results may very. Cats available while memes last.

And for you people who love hearing about other people's life stories, check out my super duper awesomely epically incredible personally pint sized, available in neon colors, thoughts on my life blog BLOG!

Welcome to the fitblr side of Tumblr! We have cookies... In moderation. Not to mention Sherlock, Supernatural, and Doctor Who fandoms galore. TUMBLR!

If for some reason you have stumbled across this and happen to be a musician or band director, check out this duet I wrote for clarinet and bass clarinet. And BUY IT, well.... Sort of. It's not on the site as of yet. But, here's the publishing company's website. My piece is titled Emerging Pirates by Emily Haywood.

So, yep. That's pretty much it.

Fun stuff.