Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New Chapter... Maybe.

I've decided to become a Youtube vlogger. And, since I love my blog so much, I thought I'd share my first video ever with the Blog.

Best of Writing!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo 2012

Oh yes. It is that time again! Time to write another 50,000 words in the name of writing. But wait! What's that you say? It's not even November yet? It's May, you say? That is why the lovely people over at the Office of Letters and Light put a Camp in front of NaNoWriMo. This year there are two Camp NaNoWriMo sessions, one in June and the other in August. Camp NaNoWriMo is exactly the same as regular NaNoWriMo. You still write a 50,000 word novel in one month, there are still "winners" and t-shirts, and of course, and the words per day goal is still 1,667. The one thing that is different from NaNoWriMo are the cabins. Cabins are exactly what they sound like. You can either pick who you want for cabin mates, let a computer make the decision, or not be in a cabin at all. Cabin mates are supposed to provide encouragement and ideas for you along your month long novelling adventure. Another great part about Camp NaNoWriMo is that if you have done NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy before, then you do not need to sign up again. Your NaNoWriMo Username and Password work perfectly with the Camp NaNoWriMo website.

I have participated in Camp NaNoWriMo once before. I used it to start writing Light, the sequel to The Night Stalker. At about 25,000 words I realized that TNS doesn't need a sequel, so I stopped writing. I am actually quite fond of Light. It would be a good story on its own. I liked Camp NaNoWriMo since it was in the middle of summer and I had more time to write because I wasn't in school.

This year I am planning to write in June, but probably not August. In August, school and volleyball start up again and writing will be put back burner of my life. I am planning to write a full on romance which is something that I've never done on a grand novel scale. This time (Unless I get really bored), the main plot will be focused on the romance, not supernatural beings or a war. I am a little bit worried because I don't have a lot of things or ideas on romance and what problems will affect it. I want the romance to be perfect, but that's the problem. Romance is not perfect, there are conflicts. I just have to find exciting conflicts.

And here is the Rough Plot.

I know that I want it to be a sort of Romeo and Juliet forbidden romance type novel. I even have the perfect songs to go with the novel.


(Going through an Adam Lambert phase, sorry)

The two main character's names are Amy and Ben. I want to tell the story from either both their points of view or just from Amy's view. They meet in high school and Ben graduates a year before Amy. They meet at a party and hang out for the rest of the summer until Ben goes to college. Amy and Ben talk to each other via text and letter and find comfort in each other away from their lives. (Learn more about the plot and characters HERE.)

.... This should be a great Camp NaNoWriMo.... As you can see, romance is not my thing. That's why I need to work on it. The novel (Title: Love By Text... maybe?) could turn out really good or really bad. My money is on really bad, but that is ok. I'll learn how to not write a romance novel.


P.S. Perhaps Camp NaNoWriMo is a good way for a certain Blake to get his novel done.... =)

P.P.S. Here's a link to a letter Amy writes to Ben. And another link to a short romance that I wrote.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2+2≠5: A 1984 Review

Wow. Two posts in a row, exactly a week apart. Commitment! Or, maybe it's just my blogging buddy's influence down at Blake Baker's Blog. Seriously, the guy manages to update his blog at least once every week or two. I am lucky to get in one or two posts a month (Maybe you should stop procrastinating, Snowie). He is a great blogger (And a great guy in real life), so everyone should check out his blog. Do it. Right Now. I dare you. 

Ah... A Book Review! Finally! I haven't done on of these in a very long time. 

1984 by George Orwell

From Wikipedia
"War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Ignorance is Strength."

Or so 1984 states. 
1984 (Sparknotes) was a very intriguing and entertaining novel, that is if you like books that really make you think. Through 1984, George Orwell sends a strong message saying that if society allows for the government to take control and unify everything and if history is allowed to be rewritten, then the future of humankind lies within the pages of 1984. This message is sent through the story of Winston Smith, a man who chooses to defy the government and society to find out why. Winston is a middle aged man living in present day London. He works for the Party, the ruling government of the time. Everywhere he goes, he is constantly being watched by the government. Any wrong reaction or emotion could make him guilty of thoughtcrime, thinking rebellious thoughts. 

In the beginning of 1984, Winston is working for the Party in the Ministry of Truth where he alters historical documents everyday. He buys a diary where he begins to write down his thoughtcrimes and wonders why the world is the way it is. He doesn't understand the government's control of history: The Party will claim that the country has always been at war with one country, not another, but Winston can remember a time when there was war in a different country. Winston meets a girl named Julia who feels the same way about the Party. They begin an affair, which they both know will only end in death by the Party. 

If I could, I would recommend 1984 to every single person. I would recommend almost every book to everyone, though. 1984 is a very deep, hard read with pages of nothing but text and very little dialogue. Still, more people need to read this book and take a good, long look at the ideas and motifs discussed in the book. It is not necessarily the story the book contains that is important, but what the reader learns from the book. 

One last thing. I have Chapter One of a story up on Figment which is ready to be read. Thanks!

Happy Writings!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If you know what Dexter Is...

Yup. I was looking for some quick feedback. My main question is does this actually look like Dexter? I have been staring at his face for three hours (Creepy, I know) so to me it does. Since taking this photo, which does no justice to the real thing (Or at least not to me), I have darkened the shadows beneath the chin and darkened the hair. 
This is for a friend who is Graduating soon and whose birthday recently passed. I feel really bad because I can't make it to his graduation party. He is a big fan of the T.V. show Dexter, so I drew a Dexter for him. Plus it was great practice for my self portrait that I am doing in Art Class. (Art class really does help!)
You can also view on my deviantart
Thanks so much!


*Edit/Update* I have decided that no, it does not really look like Dexter. At least not right now. Thanks to my art class for being truthful! I've got three hours of my time already put into this baby. It will turn out good! Dexter, meet my eraser.

Before Eraser

After Eraser
Eyes and Ears Redrawn, Hair Tamed,
Nose Lengthened
Nose and Lips still need work.
Highlights and Shadows Needed
Eraser and Blending tool wanted.
With Highlights
The new mouth makes him look funny.
More Hair.
It's getting there. Sort of.