Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If you know what Dexter Is...

Yup. I was looking for some quick feedback. My main question is does this actually look like Dexter? I have been staring at his face for three hours (Creepy, I know) so to me it does. Since taking this photo, which does no justice to the real thing (Or at least not to me), I have darkened the shadows beneath the chin and darkened the hair. 
This is for a friend who is Graduating soon and whose birthday recently passed. I feel really bad because I can't make it to his graduation party. He is a big fan of the T.V. show Dexter, so I drew a Dexter for him. Plus it was great practice for my self portrait that I am doing in Art Class. (Art class really does help!)
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Thanks so much!


*Edit/Update* I have decided that no, it does not really look like Dexter. At least not right now. Thanks to my art class for being truthful! I've got three hours of my time already put into this baby. It will turn out good! Dexter, meet my eraser.

Before Eraser

After Eraser
Eyes and Ears Redrawn, Hair Tamed,
Nose Lengthened
Nose and Lips still need work.
Highlights and Shadows Needed
Eraser and Blending tool wanted.
With Highlights
The new mouth makes him look funny.
More Hair.
It's getting there. Sort of.

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