Thursday, August 23, 2012

According To A Calendar

According to my cute little white board calendar hanging over my bed, I am supposed to blog about something today. I hate calendars with a passion. Not only do they remind me of how much time I have wasted in my life, they also make be want to do things. Like run. But, if it were not for a calendar, I would get absolutely nothing done, and neither would the rest of the world. Tonight, my calendar reminded me that I was supposed to post something on one of my two blogs. Unfortunately, on my other blog, called AnAwfulLotOfRunning, I am also posting tomorrow for this friday thing that I like to do. So, I guess I am stuck with you guys. Just kidding! I love being stuck with you guys. Unluckily, or luckily, whatever way you view it, I have had a very long day, so I leave you with a short writing challenge. 

This is a challenge I heard about a while ago. By a while I mean 2010 Olympics a while ago. Back then I was a slightly but not really big member of the Behind the Name Writer's Lounge. The lounge was a whole different story back then. It wasn't all about writing games. Serious writers gave you serious answers to the serious questions you had about writing. It was all very Serious... Then Severus came along (HaHa Harry Potter Reference... Sorry). Behind the Name is also where I met M.L., my good internet writing friend. (View Her Figment and Buy Her Book! It's pretty amazing) Anyways, back to the 2010 Olympics. Way back when I was a BTN member, I held the Writing Olympics. Basically, everyday of the actual Olympics, I would post a prompt. People would post their story in the thread below and people could vote on a story by messaging me. For every prompt, there would be a winner. At the end of the Writing Olympics, I counted up all of the votes and declared an Overall Winner. I can't remember who won, I just remembered having so much fun and being so proud of actually putting on and managing this event that people from all over the world participated in. I think everyone was really happy, even if there were no real prizes. I actually thought about doing this on the blog or figment. Maybe I'll do it for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for....

Write a story without using the letters Q, T, W, X, Y, Z.

It's harder than it seems. For example, you can't use the words Queen, It, Quiet, Zebra, Yell, Yellow, Wind, or White. This challenge is really helpful for identifying what words you use and what could possibly be a better word. You pay closer attention to what you are writing and you find new ways to describe things. 

I hope you have fun with the Writing Challenge!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Some of My Favorite Writing Resources Part Two

Why hello. Might I say that you look fabulous today.

Wasn't July Amazing? I had so much fun Writing Something Everyday in July that I almost decided to give August a try. Just kidding. That would be a lot of work.

So, today I went to volleyball, but after that I came home and sat down at my computer. I stared at the screen and told myself that I should probably do something productive. After checking my e-mail and Facebook, I rechecked my e-mail because I had an idea. Don't you love ideas? One e-mail had caught my eye. The message was from a blog that I follow called The Flourishing Abode. April Starr, the lady who writes the blog, titled the post 10 things you shouldn't miss. In the post, Starr writes about 10 websites. Two of these websites caught my eye and looking at the post also reminded me of a Part Two post I never did.

Some of you might remember my post titled Some of My Favorite Writing Resources Part One. If you don't, click the hyperlink and a new window will open with the post. All of the sites are really fun and helpful in writing.

I did promise a Part Two post with seven more sites. So, here they are.

Daily Writing Tips

This site does exactly what someone would think the site would do. It gives you writing tips on a near daily basis. The writers cover everything from Yiddish Words to using Artist or Artisan. Some of the posts require a higher than freshman level of english knowledge to understand, but all posts contain useful information as all posts should. 

The NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program, NaNoWriMo, and Script Frenzy

I know, I talk about these sites way too much. I find it hard to stop talking about awesome things. In a nutshell, the Young Writers Program and NaNoWriMo are the same thing. Both are about writing 50,000 words in one month and both are managed by The Office of Letters and Light. There is one big difference. NaNoWriMo is for people thirteen and older while YWP is for the youngsters. Cool right?Script Frenzy starts in April. Basically, you write a 100 page script in one month. I have yet to complete a single Script Frenzy. 

Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest is all about the writer's digestive system. I'm just kidding with you. A writer's digestive system is a very scary place full of adverbs, replacements for said like gasped and exclaimed, and tons upon tons of coffee. Or tea. Whatever floats your boat. If you are a subscriber, to Writer's Digest, then I envy you. Not only do you get great writing content, you get awesome advise on everything to do with writing. If you are running a little short on cash, you can always subscribe to the free weekly newsletter. The newsletter includes writing prompts, advise on getting published, news from the writing world, latest blogs from WD bloggers, and more. 

And finally, the last two sites are the eye catching sites from the Flourishing Abode post.

If you are anything like me, nothing gets you more in the writing mood like a good rainy day. does exactly that. Just plug in your nice comfy headphones, grab a cup of Joe or that tea you have been wanting to try, and type away to the sound of a never ending rainstorm. 

43 Things

Ever have trouble setting, remembering, and following through with goals? Just sign up on 43 Things and enter all of your goals. People using the website can cheer you on. If you have a goal that requires more than one person, a team can be created. 43 Things let you set reminders for goals and write a diary entry about the progress made on the goal.

To finish things off, I love hearing from the people who read what I write. Don't be afraid to comment. I have never been a fan of saying that, which is why I made this...