Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Reading Pandemic

Imagine a world where books are pirated. I mean legitly pirated on a scale as big as music, movies, and TV shows. How amazing that world would be....

Wait. What? What is seven hells is wrong with you, snowie? Pirating books? How is that even the least bit good?

Okay. Okay. Okay! Calm down. Let me explain. 

Everyone hears about the problems with illegally downloading music and movies, but who hears about illegally downloading books. Well... It's probably because e-books were practically nonexistent until a few years ago when the kindle got big. But come on. Who hasn't read the majority of a book on Amazon preview? Oh. That's just me? Hmm. 

Alright, just stick with me and imagine for a moment a world where illegally downloading books is an epidemic, nay, a pandemic. We download book after book, reading as fast as we can so we can move on to the next book. A world where no one can get enough of reading and five people go to jail a year for illegally downloading books. A world where people look down at you for not reading more than two books in the last week. A world where books are a go to conversation piece. A world were everyone loves reading so much that it is classified as a drug. A world where doctors prescribe books to cure ignorance. That's a world I want to live in.

Sorry for being gone so long. 


Live Long and Write