Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Amazing Person Destined For Amazing Things

In April I went on and watched one of Charlie McDonnell's new videos: Cooking With Charlie, and of course recognized Charlie and Michael Aranda. There was one other person that I didn't know though so, of course, I checked out her youtube channel. After watching two or three of her vlogs, I was hooked and the rest as they say is history. Today I still watch her blogs just for a laugh and a sprinkle of inspiration and happiness. The person I am talking about is the wonderful Cassandra Croft aka NerdzRL aka Nerdz4L! Welcome to the blog Cassandra! ...Sorry. I've never actually really talked to her... Maybe I'll send her a letter! In the mean time, no interview from my second childhood hero, the first being J.K. Rowling.

Moving on to the reason for telling you all of this. There is a game of sorts called King of the Web. According to this is what it is:

King of the Web is a free-to-play online game of skill and persuasion in which players create campaigns and solicit votes in a competition for cash, prizes, and recognition.
King of the Web is also a place where you vote for who and what is awesome on the web.

What Cassandra and her 12,000+ subscribers on youtube would love is if you would vote for her to become this months King Of The Web!!!!!! Please?  Vote Here!  Watch some of her vlogs. You never know, you may like them. They may become the daily things that make your day. 

Where ever you are, I hope you have a goodnight. 

Soon to be FTB-Snowfire... but not really. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter and Torchwood

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

Harry Potter Wallpaper
Warner Bros 

As most people know, the last Harry Potter movie finally came out on the fifteenth! Excited face! I doubt it will be the last though. Give it fifty years and a remake will come out. Sadly I did not get to see it the night it premiered as I was staying with friends in Indiana and no one wanted to see a movie at midnight. Sigh. I finally saw it Tuesday and I have to say that no one lied. It was, is, one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and I watch a lot of movies.

Was the acting good?
Good? It was great. Emma Watson is the best!

Did it stay true to the book?
For a movie, I'd have to say yes, yes it did.

How about the special effects?
There is something about special effects for magic that you can tell that it is a special effect, but if the graphics designers do their job well then it is done so beautifully that you don't care. In my opinion, the special effects were very nice. What can I say? I like seeing sparks and clouds of light shooting out of wands.

Anything else?
I do wish Tom Felton was in the movie a bit more. He had maybe a total of 20-25 minutes of screen time in the movie. Draco Malfoy is one of my favorite characters in the books because of how many layers of personality he has and how much he has changed. In the first books, he was out to ruin Harry's world. Now, he wouldn't even tell Bellatrix that it was really Harry in the Malfoy Mansion.
As I watched the eighth movie, I did realize that truthfully the only real evil soul in the entire book was Voldemort. When I first heard J.K. Rowling say that I thought 'You're kidding me. What about Bellatrix? She seems pretty evil to me.' I am halfway sure that was what the rest of the world was thinking too.

Five stars for five. Easily.

Torchwood: Border Princes By Dan Abnett

Torchwood: Border Princes
By Dan Abnett
From TARDIS Index File
I believe I started this book early July/ late June and I am just now finishing it. For me that is sad. This was one of those books that you did not really like nor did you love it. It was in between, a tweenie. Yes, that is a new word. A book that wasn't really good or really bad is now dubbed a tweenie.
With this book, just when you thought it was over and finished, the plot just kept going and going and going. A new character named James was added to the mix and I thought he was okay for the newbie one time character. As for the other characters, they needed some work done. I can't pinpoint exactly how, but they seemed different from the T.V. show as if Abnett was maybe trying to make them better or fit them into his style of writing. To me it didn't seem like the same Jack and Gwen I knew. Also, there wasn't a lot of Ianto action and he's one of the coolest characters there!

Rating: Three out of Five Stars

Up Next: Either Torchwood: Slow Decay By Andy Lane or The Nine Lives of Chloe King By Liz Braswell (Books 1-3)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm not giving up, I'm just going to lose

Picture By Linzee777
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I love winning. Who doesn't? The feeling of satisfaction that that you did something and did it well and accomplished a goal is truly a great feeling. What if you couldn't finish something that you love and really wanted to finish but it came at the wrong time? An example would be me and Camp NaNoWriMo. Currently I am at 23,044 words and not rising. According to my little lovely Camp NaNoWriMo calendars I am supposedly suppose to be nearing 29034 words today. If I write 2,025 words per day I can finish on time, but seeing how my novel is going makes me think that I won't try very hard. After seeing this and watching a movie and being inspired by the movie and then editing the first Night Stalker for the first time in a week or two, I realized that I didn't need to write Light right now. No, I could never write Light ("Sequel" To Night Stalker). First of all I don't even know how the first book will even end up when I am done editing and second of all I might not even need a second book. I thought about it for a while and it occurred to me. Why would Gail have a child if she knew that Hamilton would be after him for his DNA? She's smarter then that. So yes. Odds are that The Night Stalker will be a single novel and the outcome at the end will be very different from what I first imagined and in turn so will the middle. From now on my main focus will be revising the Night Stalker.

Next thing...

This morning I woke up and got on my laptop to check my mail. Lo and behold I had a message from JustFiction! Edition ( saying this:

Dear Ms snowfire,

I am writing on behalf of a new international publishing house, JustFiction! Edition.
In the course of a web-research I came across a reference of your manuscript The Thirteenth Games and it has caught my attention.
We are a publisher recognized worldwide, whose aim it is to help talented but international yet unknown authors to publish their manuscripts supported by our experience of publishing and to make their writing available to a wider audience.
JustFiction! Edition would be especially interested in publishing your manuscript as an e-book and in the form of a printed book and all this at no cost to you, of course.
If you are interested in a co-operation I would be glad to send you an e-mail with further information in an attachment.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards{...}

I did a some research and asked around. Turns out almost no one has heard of JustFiction! Edition and many other users on received the same email pertaining to themselves and their novels. Read here. I would like to warn you to be cautious if you have received this email as most people have decided that it is a scam.

And last but not least...

If you ever get the chance, watch Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story. I just watched it and found it to be very inspiring. IMDB says that it does not release until 2012 but it premiered at 8 Eastern time today. It was very good and I recommend it to all Harry Potter and JK Rowling fans.
A Review...

Goodnight, Professor.
Goodnight, Harry.