Friday, January 28, 2011

Dare You To Move

Okay, so today at school these people, Camfel Productions, came to our school and gave this really awesome presentation. There was Switchfoot, Muse, Harry Potter, To Save a Life - all the stuff that makes life good. =) Anyways about two hours later during English we where asked to write about the movie we saw (which was about standing up for yourself and others and pushing yourself everyday to become the best that you can be). I put mine in the form of an interview. So... here we go.

An Interview With Miss Liz Beth Cooper

-Will you change from the video?
        -Yes, I think I will. I try to stand up for people at times and other times I just watch and feel bad for them. Because of the movie, I think I will try and stand up for others even more.

-Do you have a connection to the video?
        -I don't know, maybe, I think so. I haven't been bullied much and if I have I say STOP, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU NOW PLEASE GET OUT OF MY FACE AND LEAVE ME ALONE! Well, maybe not like that, but I don't put up with crap like that.

-What do you do when you are scared?
        - I try to face my fears as much as possible. If I am afraid of heights (which I am), I force myself to walk up to the next floor or look over the edge or at the view. Sometimes I realize how beautiful the view actually is.

-How have you overcome fear or when did you have to courage to do something?
         -I have an insane fear of roller coasters. I've only ever gone on three in my entire life. The first time I rode one called the dragon. I had to mentally and physically force myself up the ramp and into the car. In the end it was really kind of fun- scary fun.

-How did watching the video make you feel?
         -Sad, because we can't all get along and accept people for who they are. We are all different and we all have our flaws. That's what makes us human.

Thank you, thank you! Applause! Bravo!

Now, some news on the Night Stalker. I just reached 356 pages and if all goes well I should be at 400 by the end of February. The book is happily nearing the end. I'm just excited because I could be writing the sequel by the start of next school year (Bring it on High School!).

By the middle of March I'm supposed to have written a mystery, a poem or two, and a biography for English class. Not to mention researched and read five books from each of those three genres. I'll take on the challenge. Come on! Bring it!

(Have I ever mentioned? I suck at writing mysteries.)

Bonne Soir!

P.S. I am finally getting around to editing my NaNoNovel, The Thirteenth Games. 50 Pages down. =)

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