Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

Well, it's time to tell all of you guys the truth- my five months is up.... I think. And I didn't finish my writing goal. =( But there is good news- I partly finished it! =) Yay!!! Let me tell you how....

I finished my nanonovel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 166 pages of horrible writing that needs a huge dose of edit. I'm procrastinating on that part....

I just reached page 300 in the Night Stalker and I just lost 90% of my army.... Or at least Gail did. She also had her memory wiped and then un....wiped...?

Well, there's two of the books and really I have no clue what the other two were. One might have been last years NaNo- I don't think I will be finishing that any time soon.... Maybe I'll end it and make War of the Sun 2. Who knows.....

Now, more about my latest phase- The Phase of Doctor Who and Whovian stuff and stuff of stuffness.

Really, it's all my friend's faults that I am addicted to Doctor Who. I can't go one day without mentioning him. I've also changed my dream to wanting to move to London (which is what I've always wanted to do) and write for Doctor Who with my good friend Steven Moffat (he is the actual Doctor Who writer). If you're reading this- Hi, Steven! You don't know me but I know you and thats a bit weird so I'll be moving on now.

Anyways, I have been on YouTube quite a lot lately. I've been making little cheesy videos for my stories and then putting them on the internet which you can view here...

l   l
l   l
l   l
\   /

I also found something else on youtube because of Doctor Who.... his name is Charlie and he is British. =) He makes super awesome vlogs (video blogs) and he's apparently super famous-ish. Anyways, he's a huge Doctor Who fan- I mean huge!!! He's even been on set and met Matt Smith. He's been on the TARDIS and seen the cast filming. He's about the funniest person I've seen yet and the craziest too. He's gone bungee jumping, ate ketchup plain, painted himself purple, even dyed his hair bright red for a grande number of months. Charlie is cool.


oh look another link!

Click zee link! Click it!!!!


Darth Vader signing out. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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