Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Real Life Characters: Obsessions

Every single person has hobby or obsession. In fact, most people have more then a few. All to many times we see characters that are kind of dull and lifeless. Most of the time it is because they have no or very few hobbies. They can be flat and one sided, not very interesting.

Let's compare who sounds more interesting.

Matthew lives in Kansas City. He works for an agency that sells copyright licenses and in his free time likes to watch T.V. He doesn't do much else or like much else for that matter.


Kaycee lives in San Francisco. She works at a local coffee shop and is currently attending a college of art and design. In her free time she plays volleyball at the beach and hangs out with her friends. She is obsessed with Van Gogh and Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family even though she's not much of a T.V. person. Kaycee has written a little poetry, but doesn't think it is very good. Before she goes to work in the morning, she likes to practice yoga in her living room.

See what I mean? Who would you rather hang out with- Matthew or Kaycee. Giving your characters personalities, obsessions, hobbies, the little tidbits that make their lives different from everyone else's can make a person's writing so much more interesting. You never know. You may find something out about your character that you never knew before. Or, your story may come to life in ways you never imagined.

I wrote this because I am needing to pass the time. One of my obsessions is Harry Potter and I still haven't gotten into Pottermore yet. Wish me luck!!


P.S. While I'm waiting, I'll get some book reviews up on my book review page... =)

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