Monday, April 2, 2012


Figment. Have I told you about Figment? Even if I have, I feel like I need to post something.

Figment is a writing website run by... Well, I'm not sure what company runs it, but they are out there. Anyways, Figment is a writing website for people of the human race to go post and read stories. Inkpop (Another Writing Website) was swallowed by this monster of a site and the opinion of which site is the best varies vastly. My friend actually told me about Figment, so I checked it out, thought it was nice, and got an account. Not long after that was the swallowing of Inkpop. So naturally, I was thrilled about only having one site to keep track of.

This is how Figment works. You sign up and you post things you write. People can heart, comment, critique, and "React" to your work. The more hearts, comments, ect. that you receive, the more popular your story gets. There are also amazing contests going on all of the time where you can win some pretty neat prizes. The Forums are always busy, and there are multiple groups of people to join.

So, check Figment out. You never know, you might like it.

Best of Writing,


P.S. Here's a link to my page. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm also kind of glad that Figment ate Inkpop. I was wavering between the two, but now there's only one option!