Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Video???

Seeing that this is the third video post on my blog in a row, I thought that I should talk about something writing related.

That is.... Camp NaNoWriMo! Yes, Camp NaNo is just around the corner, and this time you can pick your own word count! In other words, you don't have to write 50,000 words. You can write 500 or 100,000 words or 18,670 words.

The first Camp NaNo is in April, and the second is in July. This is fantastic because there is a two month break in between for editing and resting.

This year, I really hope to write three novels using Camp NaNo and regular NaNo. Just a few minutes ago, I had an epiphany about what I was going to write in April. My friend, M.L., just self published the first novel she ever wrote (I have no idea if you can buy it or not. If you can, I will hot link THIS). This got me thinking about the first novel I ever wrote called Arya Poisonhold. Arya Poisonhold was about an elf named Arya who finds a dragon... It was basically a rip off of Eragon. I love this novel to death, and tried to rewrite it multiple time. I never could get it perfect. I think I might try writing Arya again in April. It would be fun. I haven't written fantasy in a long time.

In July, I'm thinking about finishing my TNS sequel- Light. And November is still unknown.

Right now, I still have two more chapters in The Night Stalker. Speaking of the Night Stalker, I drew this....

It's Gail! From the Night Stalker! Just imagine orange hair and green eyes. I've wanted to draw her for a very long time. 

Best of Writing!


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