Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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The River By Gary Paulsen
Brian is somewhat enjoying the time after his time in the wild. Things seemed to be getting back to normal after all the media stopped bugging him. For a while he feels normal again..... But, something is still bugging him. He can't walk through the park without hearing every single bird call and locating it. His mouth waters every time he smells food and he can't help missing the peace and quiet of the woods. Brian will get his chance to go back and this time its not against his will.
Nearly two years after he was rescued, three men from the Government Survival Agency (or something like that) come to his house and tell him "We want you to do it again." Brian says yes and is flown of to the middle of Canada with Derek Holtzer, a psychologist, who will take notes on how Brian survives the wilderness. When Derek is struck by lightning and put in a coma, Brian decides to build a raft and float almost 100 miles down river to an old trading post where there may or may not be people.
I recommend this book to anyone who has read Hatchet. It was a nice, short read, perfect for a cross-state car trip. I'd give it four stars any day.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer
This book begins with Melanie, one of the last remaining "wild humans" being captured by the Souls, a group of aliens that have invaded Earth and are controlling human bodies. Wanderer, a Soul, has herd of the complications of human hosts. Once Wanderer is inside, Melanie floods Wanderer's thoughts with images and memories of her brother, Jamie, and her love, Jared. After having enough, Melanie embarks on a journey to find these "wild humans" as well as Jared and Jamie. Throughout the journey, Wanderer and Melanie face near death experiences, a rude Seeker, and life changing experiences. I thought it was a really good book filled with adventure and emotion. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy/sci-fi or people who like love stories. Definitely worth at least 4 stars 

Heart of Valor by L.J. Smith
The sequel to the thrilling Night of the Solstice, The four Hodges-Bradley children are drawn back into the exciting mysteries of the magical world, the Wildword. As the great sorceress Morganna Shee is pulled away on a journey to face her enemy who escaped the Wildworld before the passage was shut, her young teenage apprentice, Janie Hodges-Bradley is left in charge of protecting her older sister, twin brother, and younger sister from the magical beings the evil Thia Pendriel has sent after them. After many twists and adventures, the children find themselves facing the enemy themselves, along with the Council of the Wildworld. I recommend this book to anyone with a love of magic and adventure. A definite 5 star book. 

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