Saturday, March 5, 2011


400 hundred is such a good number. Its so even and round and perfect. You know what I'm talking about????? Just that amazing feeling that you get when you get to 400, say 400 pages. Hmmmm? Thats right I have hit four hundred pages in the Night Stalker!!! Yeah!!

Now I realize that I haven't given a summary of the Night Stalker so you really don't care. Well that might change tonight. Here we go!

On June 19, 2012 the United States of America was attacked and completely destroyed. Six years later millions of people across the world are all running from the same thing- the Alliance. They did what no one thought was possible, total world domination. My name is Gail Thames. I am twenty-one years old. I started the war. And I am the Night Stalker.

Well thats the short summary. 

Basically the Night Stalker is about a girl named Gail. She was the third child in her family and her parents are high up in the military. Her two brothers were kidnapped before she could remember. In two thousand ten, World War Three started. It was the whole world against a military based society called the Alliance head of which is a man named Philip. By 2012, every country but Canada had fallen to the Alliance. Gail's mom had been taken and cities were completely destroyed. By order of the Alliance all weapons and technology was to be turned in. If you didn't, death was the punishment. It was 2013 and over 2 billion people were dead. The Alliance was in complete control.
There were still people fighting. They called themselves The Rebellion and the head of this was called the Prince of Light. In 2014 Gail made a very important decision that would change the world forever. She became the Night Stalker. 

Now when I say Night Stalker I don't mean the serial killer or the TV show (By the Way I didn't know that it was a TV show or a serial killer before a month ago... I don't mean to violate copyright stuff). Sadly the title might change.

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