Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Because everyone loves a good update!

First off...

OMJ. Script Frenzy is just 28 HOURS AWAY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I managed to get one of my friends to write with me. She still doesn't know what she's going to do. I'm winging it which won't turn out very well, but at least the first two scenes are kind of plotted out.


Wow! Almost 500 page views! Last time I looked it was at 498 views. Yeah it's not a lot, but I try. Please subscribe!


The Night Stalker is nearing the end! After eight months-ish of hard work and determination, I have reached 424 pages and I am about to go into my fourth notebook! Yay!

Right now Gail is just waking up from her cold sleep after almost freezing to death in the hard Montana winter. For about the past five pages, the story has been in the perspective of James, one of Gail's friends. He is in love with her, but she is secretly hung up on Noah after breaking up with him and Gail won't acknowledge the fact that she kind of likes James. She knows he likes her.
They are about half way into January 2019 (A pretty bad winter) and probably will attack in March. So they have a little time for a lot to happen. Some major events WILL take place, but I won't say here because I really don't want to ruin the book for you!

I am planning to be done in the next two months. The summer will be full of editing Night Stalker 1.0 and beginning Night Stalker 2.0. I haven't named the second book yet, but I am thinking about The Night Stalker's Son. It's a little unoriginal, but I kind of like it. If you have any ideas, comment!

I'll try to get more info on 2.0 soon!


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