Monday, March 21, 2011

Washington's Secrets

Well with Script Frenzy only like nine days away and my D.C. trip already over with =( I decided that it would be good to actually figure out what my short movie will be about. So I spent a bit of time working on a cover (yeah doesn't help with the plot, but it looks cool) because I am an artsy person=).
Washington's Secrets Cover with my pseudonym

  • Main Character
    • Joisie (sounds like Jersey with a thick New York accent)
    • Played by my best friend VVZ
  • A treasure hunt 
  • Full of CIA and FBI stuff and agents
  • My first actual Script
Washington was amazing and really fun. I got a bunch of pictures and lots of story ideas. My favorite monument was the Washington Monument. About 40% of my pictures somehow include that monument. Sad thing is that I dropped my camera and broke it on my second day there. Be expecting more stories in D.C. !!!!!

You can keep track of my progress here and after April you can view it on!

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