Friday, April 8, 2011

If Friday were a Person...

If Friday was a person, I'd date him. I mean I'm sure that somewhere there is a person named Friday, but I'm talking about the day. For me, Friday is the best day ever. It means no school for two whole days, sleeping in til noon, staying up til midnight, seriously recking your sleep habits, and managing to play sports and still write thirty pages.
I've taken to drinking coffee in the morning (actually I can't stand coffee unless it's in Mocha form) because if I didn't I'd fall asleep in reading on one of those comfy bean bags. And, I've heard that coffee in the morning is good for you. I try to get at least seven hours of sleep, but psychological questions and chats with my friend about them usually keep me up until one in the morning. I'm going to get in to Aristotle pretty soon. And Homer. And more Shakespeare. Okay, Shakespeare has nothing to do with psychology, but I love Midsummer Night's Dream. =)

Okay, enough about my sleeping habits. Lets talk scripts.

Washington's Secrets has been falling behind all week mostly because when I come home from track, it's shower, eat, and bed.

I am supposed to me on page 26, but I am only on page 23. It's better then what I did last year before my computers died. RIP Little Laptop. But, I've gotten to that awkward part. You know, that awkward part when you're writing and it's going absolutely amazing then all of a sudden you come to that point where you don't know what to do next.
Currently Annie, Todd, Joisie, and Holly, Todd's sister, are looking over letters written by this 19th Century lady named Christine Rose de Ronchambeau. Holly just came in the room and Annie and Joisie introduced themselves. Now, it's kind of awkward and I'm not sure what to put. Comment below with ideas! Please?

Now, this is a writing website, so I do feel that I should do something involving writing. So, to better your writing I came up with these writing prompts and challenges.... I actually made them up during the 2010 Winter Olympics for a writing website that I sometimes use, The writers there enjoyed them, so I hope you will too.

Writing Olympics Challenges

-Day One, the 16th
Squirrel Challenge: The story must involve a squirrel, must be in the past, and involve plumbing. 

-Day 2, the 17th
Minus the letters Challenge: Write a story. You can't use the letters y, q, z, v,  or x.

-Day 3, the 18th
The Misunderstood Challenge: The story takes place in the evening. During the story there is a misunderstanding, a question of authority, and a cat riding a dog down Main Street.  
-Day 4, the 19th
Shakespeare Challenge: Nay! A Shakespeare challenge! Upon this day tis thou's turn to scrawl a tale o' magnificent wonder using Shakespeare's language. (Example: Tis time for thee to retire to thou's bed.)   
-Day 5, the 20th
Disney Challenge: Create a twisted Disney type story. Include an undefined evil character that does evil and good, no happy endings, and anything else to make it unDisney-like.   

-Day 6, the 21st
Elmer Fudd Challenge: I'm gunna get that wascally wabbit! Include an animal that's smarter than it's predator and a human who has twubble with the lettew r.
-Day 7, the 22nd
Harry Potter Challenge: Include a wizard or two that has a quest to complete, but is killed by Lord Moldywart in a vehicular crash.  
-Day 8, the 23rd
Evil Animal Minion Challenge: Include an evil animal minion. It might not be all that serious, but haven't you always wanted to say "Release that radioactive super-intelligent bunny rabbit!"
-Day 9, the 24th
People Challenge: Include an annoying screw-up sidekick who seeks to avenge the murder of his family, a super-smart and super-tough genius adventurer whose odd ideas are actually true, the last survivor of an alien race who surprises people with his/her ability to survive and has a treasured personal weapon, and a wanderer with a unique gift.

-Day 10, the 25
The Glory Challenge: Write a story including the Olympics*, being mistaken for Shaun White, the Harry Potter look alike, or a Olympian from your country**, having to do that Olympian's sport, and winning the Gold!

*Winter or Summer
**Some people of the world would prefer if you didn't write about the Luger that died. But, if you want you can in his good memory. 

Well, I hope you try a few of those. I'll have to post a sample or two....

Peace, Love, and Unicorns .)>   <=== A really bad unicorn....

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