Saturday, December 22, 2012

Now That You Know

So, how did you like the plot? (Psssst Leave a Comment. I'd love to hear your opinion of it.)

Now that you know the story, it's time to meet the two sides of it. 

The Alliance

Meet the Alliance. They are a Russian-based Mafia that was headed by Alyxandr Romov. Romov has held a grudge against the United States since they illegally captured his parents. When Romov died in 2010, he still had found them. In order to get back at the United States and a handful of other countries who interfered with his criminal web, Romov sent agents to a little house in Brownings, Pennsylvania. The agents kidnapped the twin sons of well-known Military Strategist Abigal Thames and her husband Thomas, a military weapons inventor. The seven year old boys were smuggled out of the country. 

On the way to Russia, one was deemed too weak for Romov and was killed. The boy, however, escaped. For 13 years, the twin that was still with the Alliance, named Philip, was heavily abused and trained by Romov. Plans to invade all six continents and kill Romov's enemies were put into place. Philip had plans of revenge of his own, but went along with Romov. Romov's death in 2010 is still suspicious. 

Philip took over after Romov's death and put the invasion steps into place instantly. The Alliance army was already in place in every country. Countries fell before any one knew what was happening. In less than 24 hours, bombs were falling. World War Three had begun. 

As a government, the Alliance is a Dictatorship, ruled by King Phillip. The next in line is Philip's son, Prince Hamilton. A majority of the major army positions and government positions are filled by old Russian, North Korean, and Chinese leaders. 

The Rebellion

The Rebellion was started as a part of Operation Light. OL was created by the President as a back up plan to the Alliance threat. 3 people (Abigal Thames, Alaric Cook, and General Crosley) worked together to create an army that would come together and fight the Alliance if the world powers were to fall. 

When the Alliance invaded and took over America, the operation was implemented and leaders gathered troops. 8 years into the war Newfoundland, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut have been won in the USA alone. The European army is gorging their way through the middle of Europe in an effort to cut off West Europe from the Alliance.

All over the world, there are ten Rebellion armies: one in Europe, four in Asia, two in Africa, one in Australia, one in South America, and one in North America. Some are lead by a single person, others, like the one in North America, are headed by a General and a counsil.

I hope you enjoyed this little break down of the Night Stalker's armies!


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