Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why Them?

So far, you know the plot and the sides to the story. Now it's time to start meeting the characters and learn why I chose them.

Gail Thames

Gail is my main character. She narrates most of the novel in the first person ("I"). Gail is telling the story a few years after it happened, so it features other peoples' stories that Gail has heard. Physically, Gail has her mother's orange, very curly hair (Think Merida from Brave, but shoulder length), and she has the Thames's green eyes. She is twenty-one and loves martial arts, kickboxing, reading, knitting, and cooking. Her three best friends are Kayla, Jeff, and James (You'll hear more about them later). 

Gail and Jeff grew up together along with Kayla and Morganne. When the war started in 2012, Gail was removed from public school. In 2012, the US was invaded and Gail’s mom was taken. Gail grieved for a few years and then was inspired by Robin Hood. She started stealing from the Alliance and giving her spoils to the fugitives. Gail kept this a secret. Her secret was stumbled upon by Jeff and Lucy, an Alliant turn Rebel. Lucy and Gail were partners for about 1.5 years before the Black Carriages took Lucy. During this 1.5 years, Tom found out about Gail’s secret and started properly training her. In 2015, a storyteller came through who knew Gail’s secret. She told the Shelters about Gail- indirectly- calling her the Night Stalker. Gail stops stealing because the guard in the city went up. The storyteller goes on to spread the news of the Night Stalker. By 2018, nearly the whole world knows of the Night Stalker, but not one, not even Gail, knows who the Night Stalker is. After reuniting with Kayla, Morganne, and Jeff, Noah and James show up. And the story begins.

I can't really remember why I chose Gail exactly. A long, long time has passed since I came up with Gail Thames. If I were to chose Gail today, I would chose her to tell this story, because she's not your average soldier. She doesn't take orders from others well, and always wants to go off and do her own thing. Gail is constantly getting in the middle of the action without ever really trying to. Gail's main goal is to travel to Maine and find her mother, but at the same time she feels the need to fight the Alliance and fight for her freedom. Gail is very stubborn and set in her ways. She has a hard time connecting with people, and prefers to be alone, which is a downfall of hers.

Hamilton Romov

Hamilton Romov is the son of Philip and Eleanor Romov. For most of The Night Stalker, he is our resident "baddie". Hammy, as I like to call him, is a fresh fifteen. His most distinguishing features are his died white hair and blue eyes. For a fifteen year old, he's pretty tall- 6"2'. Imagine a mix of Chris Zylka, Matt Lanter, and Austin Butler with blond hair and blue eyes. 

As a child, Hammy was trained by Philip and Alyxandr Romov, the King of the Alliance up until 2010 when he mysteriously died. Hamilton was abused mentally and physically by daily whippings, beatings, and torture. On the upside, Hammy became very tough physically and mentally. On the other hand, he wouldn't mind seeing Philip dead. Hamilton hates his mother because she is weak, but at the same time, he loves her as his mother. Hammy took a liking to hunting, fishing, horse riding, and knife throwing. From a young age, he was the friend and the fiancĂ© of Octavia Blackwelt. 

I chose Hamilton mainly for his background. Hammy hasn't had an easy life. He hates his father and has a love/hate relationship with his mother. He has taken mental and physical abuse daily for almost ten years of his life. The only love and support in his life comes from Octavia, his childhood friend and now assassin. I wanted a raw and violent, perhaps a little psychotic character, but at the same time, I wanted the reader to feel sorry for him. I wanted my readers to be able to connect with him. 

So, there you have it. Gail and Hammy are two of the biggest most influential characters in The Night Stalker. More to come!


P.S. Merry Christmas
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