Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th WSEIJM

Time Tells

When I see you
My stomach goes knotty
And I find it hard
To not stare
I can't help smiling
Especially when you smile
Because something
In your smile
Makes the world
Seem a whole lot brighter
One look at you
And I know
Exactly what you are thinking
You are unlike anyone 
Anyone I have ever known
Before you
I was alone
No one I knew was like me
No one thought
Believed like me
Until I meant you
Now, I can't stay
You're leaving
I'm stuck here
Surrounded by people
Who go everyday
Secretly, Unknowingly
Hating me. 
So, I keep moving
Breaking down barriers
Making the most of time
Moving forward
Moving away
Away from people
Don't believe by believing
Don't wonder in ignorance
Don't question the unquestionable
Sooner or Later
I'll have vanished
Far out of their sight
In a place I belong
Whether or not
You are there
Is something
Only time tells. 

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