Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Overabundance Of Words

Welcome to July! June was full of awesome and overflowing with words. In fact, there were so many words in June that some spilled over into July. July, I have decided, is Write Something Everyday In July Month (WSEIJM... Oh, yeah. Acronyms!). I will try my absolute hardest to post one piece of writing a day even if it kills me. I think this sounds like a really good challenge. I have a feeling that 90% of the posts will be poems. Don't click away now! There might be a short story or two in there somewhere.

And, to kick off WSEIJM (Pronounced Weh-Cee-Gym), here is a little poem written by yours truly, Snowfire.

Stay Still

If I stay still long enough
I can feel the world spin
Everything seems to stop
Be still.
The birds stop singing
All the sound drifts away
And, for a moment,
The wind stops blowing.
It's almost as if
The whole wide word hesitates
... Then gasps
Time slows down
Making moments into hours
The only thing I hear
Is my heart
Thudding slowing
Beating in time
With the rest of the world
If I stay still


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