Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th WSEIJM


Here I go again
Overreacting as usual
Over you
I've tried to love you
I've tried to just be friends
But I can't
I can't just be friends
Not with you
Not when you're so...
So imperfectly perfect
And it's had to take it
All the pain, I mean
The pain of you
Falling out of love
With me
I can't just be friends
We have to be more
Or nothing at all.
Being stuck in the middle
In limbo
Now, I think,
I can safely say
We're nothing at all
It was wrong
To even get my hopes up
I knew we would never
But I let myself believe
Believe that there was hope
For a you and me
A me and you
So I let you in
And everything burned. 
Now, I'm walking through the ashes
Picking up pieces of me
Destroying the pieces of you.
Slowly, but surely
Bit by bit
I'm deleting you.
I'm done with the pain.
I'm done with the drama.
I'm leaving you
In the ashes
Because I deserve more
I deserve so much better
I've realized that
I don't need you
With me.
I don't need you.
I only need me.
And the next time
I fall in love, 
No, the first time
I truly fall in love
Is when I learn
To love

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