Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19th WSEIJM


In the Land
Of Light and Stone
Sun beats down
Cooking the Earth to the core.
A blistering cold
When in the depth
Of a cold white.
To the nonobservant
A desolate wasteland
And to the observant
Blooming with life

Soaring ashen mountains
Layered in reds and whites
Hold keys to the past
A time long gone
Uncovered inch by inch
By never ceasing winds
Over the past
Walk the creatures
Of the present
The strong will they hold
Carries them
Through long winters
Raging fires
And Summer’s heat

The Land of Light and Stone
Withholds for no man
As it barrels forward 
Towards a certain fate
As the ashen mountains fade
Into the meadows that surround them. 
The Land of Light and Stone
Speaks of the Earth’s power
How a single drop of water
A single gust of wind
Changes the land forever
How with time
Comes change
As the Earth spins
The world’s cycles 
Shift and Rotate
In to a new era of history

The Land of Light and Stone
Is more than it seems
It’s more than Light
And Stone.


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  1. I LOVE the first picture. It's like, my favorite picture of all time. :D