Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th WSEIJM


What can you do
If your friend is
In trouble?
You don't know how to help
But you know you must try.

What do you do
When you try to help
But your friend won't listen?
They say they've tried
Or that won't work.
They push you out. 
Push you away. 
They're trying to protect you.
They've seen too much pain.
They can't see more,

What if you need to help?
You want to help
Because you're hurt too. 
But they push harder. 
Saying "I shouldn't have told you
You shouldn't be hurting."

What do they do when you say
"What hurts you, hurts me."
"Too late. I'm in too deep."

"I can't back down.
Not for me. 
Never for you."

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