Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12th WSEIJM

Broken Lips

Take a look at my hands
They are like dry clay
Brittle and crumbling
From pulling myself up
Off the floor

And my knees?
Please, don't look.
The skin is broken
Bloody and dirty
From falling to the floor.

My body is covered
In scars
And fresh cuts
Every time one heals
A deeper cut takes it's place

My lips
Are dry and cracked
From screaming
Screaming and begging
For the help
I so desperately need

But look at you
Your hands are soft
You haven't picked me up
Your knees are smooth
You haven't fallen with me
Your lips are whole
You haven't screamed
And your ears
Your delicate ears
Have not drunk
A thousand words
From my broken lips.

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