Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6th WSEIJM

Blood Sisters

My words sting
I do know that.
Yours aren't much different
We are troubled souls,
Lost and looking for answers.
Some we can provide for each other
Others we help each other find
You're the closest I've ever been
To another person.
I know more about you
Than you do yourself.
And I'm pretty sure
You know more about me
Than you would ever like to.
We're so different
Yet so much the same.
My life is whole,
To whole for me
Still, your life is shattering
I'd like to help you rebuild it
Piece by piece
And you are welcome
To take a hammer to mine
I had no choice but to be protected
You made yourself bulletproof by choice
But your guard came crashing down
When I came. 
You always say
I see too much
But, maybe, 
I see too little. 

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