Tuesday, September 28, 2010

200 pages? I think so!!!!

Almost at 200 PAGES! Yip Pie! I do mean pie.
I was having a bout of writers block in writing class, otherwise known as English. We were supposed to write about something we truly love. It could be in any form. This is what I came up with:

Ligers, panthers, and bears, oh my!
Came to eat my Apple Pie.
Chrurch fell down
burnt to the ground.
Ligers, panthers, and bears, oh my!

Not very good, but hey! Give me a break!

Cyclone, my cat
Cyclone, my fat cat
Cyclone, my big, fat cat
Cyclone, my big, fat kitty cat

Cyclone, my cat, has golden fur
Cyclone, my fat cat, howls at cars
Cyclone, my big, fat cat, chases tennis balls
Cyclone, my big, fat kitty cat, is a dog

It is worse than the first. So, I tried again and came up with the one I am going to use in class. My other option was British men with bicycle moustaches and accents. Funny, but hard to fit into a poem.

Long Fuzzy Socks 
O, long fuzzy socks,
what would life be without you?
Let me count the ways.
My toes would be cold.
My feet would freeze.
My calves, unfashionably plain.
The world would be colorless;
school would be boring
although, it already is.
I love you long fuzzy socks
for all the things you do.
I love you even more
because you match my shoes!

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