Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mid-NaNo RunDown Time.

Today is the 15th! I can't believe it. November goes by so quickly.

Currently, I am in the Eighth Chapter of The Night Stalker. Rewriting is going very well, and, so far, I am very pleased with how my ideas are turning out. The Night Stalker has taken some turns, but I feel that it still stays true to the first draft. That is what I really wanted all along.

Tonight I have just under 2000 words to write to reach the daily word count- 25,000 words. In the next month I hope to tackle another 35,000 words, eleven chapters, and about 200 more cups of tea.

As you can see, I have a long ways to go to hit 60,000 words.

For those of you that read yesterday's post, I did in fact get that whole scene sorted out. Everything is great!



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